McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info
McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info
McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info
McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info
McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info

McLeod RST Clutch 1-1/8in X 26 Spline See Flywheel Fitment Info

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Intended for the high horsepower street fan, the McLeod RST twin disc clutch kit is an economically priced twin disc clutch kit. Able to handle 800hp, this clutch can handle almost any horse-power you can throw at it and still remain street-able. Organic lined clutch discs will provide smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort to make this clutch kit ideal for the street only performance enthusiast. This unit is not intended for competition use! Look to our RXT and RXT 1200 for those applications. This series of clutch comes in 3 different configurations to best suit your needs. Adapter ring version. Another McLeod Racing exclusive. We build a twin disc clutch using a Patented Approved adapter ring to bolt to your supplied flywheel. Complete Unit with Dedicated Flywheel. No need to search for the clutch as one number and the flywheel as another number. McLeod Racing has you covered with one part number and a complete dedicated unit ready to plug and play. You have the choice of running a Billet Steel flywheel for your street applications or a Billet Aluminum flywheel for your track cars.
RST CLUTCH, 1-1/8" X 26 SPLINE The RST Street Twin Clutch is capable of handling up to 800 HP while still maintaining a stock pedal feel. The RST comes as a kit. See Flywheel fitment info.
NOTE: 1999 to 2010 Mustang 4.6L/5.4L factory flywheels may not work due to the large crank relief in the center of the flywheel. Crank relief must be 6.250" or smaller for correct disc to flywheel contact.
Pontiac: GTO 04 - 04 5.7 L Engine, Chevrolet: Camaro 14 - 15 7 L Engine, Ford: Mustang 11 - 17 5 L Engine, Chevrolet: Camaro 10 - 15 6.2 L Engine, Chevrolet: Camaro 98 - 02 5.7 L Engine, Chevrolet: Corvette 97 - 04 5.7 L Engine, Pontiac: Firebird 98 - 02 5.7 L Engine, Chevrolet: Corvette 05 - 07 6 L Engine, Pontiac: GTO 05 - 06 6 L Engine, Chevrolet: Corvette 06 - 13 7 L Engine, Chevrolet: Corvette 08 - 13 6.2 L Engine, Ford: Mustang 01 - 10 4.6 L Engine

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