MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch
MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch

MagnaFlow Sys C/B 68-72 GM A-Body 3inch

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The MagnaFlow Street Series 15898 brings enhanced engine sound and dyno-proven performance to your muscle car with a healthy helping of our deep, resonant signature exhaust note at Agressive exterior and Moderate interior sound levels. Thanks to its durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel design, this exhaust system will handle whatever tarmac you decide to leave your mark on. This performance exhaust kit features a crossmember-back layout designed to replace your exhaust system from the crossmember on back. With its fast-flowing, mandrel bent 3in. main piping and 2 Straight-Through mufflers ending in a Dual Split Rear Behind Rear Tires exit that you can enhance with tips of your choosing, your muscle car will be sounding as awesome as it looks. Extensive 3D scanning during development has resulted in a direct-fit design that you can easily install yourself. 15898 is produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing techniques and is backed by MagnaFlow’s limited lifetime construction warranty.
Street Series Performance Crossmember-Back Exhaust System; 3 in.; Incl. Tru-X Assy/MidPipes/Dual 4x9x14 in. Mufflers/Tailpipes; No Tip Incl.; Dual Split Rear Side Exit; Stainless;
The Street Series Stainless Performance Exhaust system delivers dyno proven power with a comfortable interior sound and performance exterior sound.

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