MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota
MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota

MagnaFlow Conv Univ Qf Toyota

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MagnaFlow Standard Grade Federal/EPA Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter 94041 helps keep the check engine light off. Get the right fit for a wide array of vehicles thanks to the adaptable Universal design (cutting and welding is required). With highly corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction, you can have confidence in the quality of this catalytic converter.

This replacement part is designed to meet or exceed Federal emissions requirements set forth by the EPA, complying with legal standards for pre-OBDII Federally registered vehicles.
94000 Series OBDII Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter; Standard Series; 2 in. Tubing/Inlet/Outlet; Overall L-16.00 in.; Not Air Tube Kit Adaptable;
MagnaFlow specializes in superior catalytic converter and exhaust technology and each converter is designed to the exact original equipment specifications while keeping the Check Engine Light off.

Toyota 4Runner DLX 1984
Toyota 4Runner SR5 1984
Toyota Celica GT 1975
Toyota Celica GT 1976
Toyota Celica GT 1977
Toyota Celica GT 1978
Toyota Celica GT 1979
Toyota Celica GT 1980
Toyota Celica GT 1981
Toyota Celica GT 1982
Toyota Celica GT 1983
Toyota Celica GT 1984
Toyota Celica GT 1985
Toyota Celica GTS 1983
Toyota Celica GTS 1984
Toyota Celica GTS 1985
Toyota Celica ST 1975
Toyota Celica ST 1976
Toyota Celica ST 1977
Toyota Celica ST 1978
Toyota Celica ST 1979
Toyota Celica ST 1980
Toyota Celica ST 1981
Toyota Celica ST 1982
Toyota Celica ST 1983
Toyota Celica ST 1984
Toyota Celica ST 1985
Toyota Celica Supra 1982
Toyota Celica Supra 1983
Toyota Celica Supra 1984
Toyota Celica Supra 1985
Toyota Corolla Base 1980
Toyota Corolla Base 1981
Toyota Corolla Base 1982
Toyota Corolla Custom 1977
Toyota Corolla Custom 1978
Toyota Corolla Custom 1979
Toyota Corolla DLX 1975
Toyota Corolla DLX 1976
Toyota Corolla DLX 1977
Toyota Corolla DLX 1978
Toyota Corolla DLX 1979
Toyota Corolla DLX 1980
Toyota Corolla DLX 1981
Toyota Corolla DLX 1982
Toyota Corolla SR5 1975
Toyota Corolla SR5 1976
Toyota Corolla SR5 1977
Toyota Corolla SR5 1978
Toyota Corolla SR5 1979
Toyota Corolla SR5 1980
Toyota Corolla SR5 1981
Toyota Corolla SR5 1982
Toyota Corona Base 1975
Toyota Corona Base 1976
Toyota Corona Custom 1977
Toyota Corona Custom 1978
Toyota Corona DLX 1975
Toyota Corona DLX 1976
Toyota Corona DLX 1977
Toyota Corona DLX 1978
Toyota Corona DLX 1979
Toyota Corona DLX 1980
Toyota Corona DLX 1981
Toyota Corona DLX 1982
Toyota Corona LE 1979
Toyota Corona LE 1980
Toyota Corona LE 1981
Toyota Corona LE 1982
Toyota Corona SR5 1975
Toyota Corona SR5 1976
Toyota Corona SR5 1977
Toyota Cressida Base 1978
Toyota Cressida Base 1979
Toyota Cressida Base 1980
Toyota Cressida Luxury 1983
Toyota Cressida Luxury 1984
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1979
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1980
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1981
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1982
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1983
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1984
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1985
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1986
Toyota Land Cruiser Base 1987
Toyota Pickup Base 1975
Toyota Pickup Base 1976
Toyota Pickup Base 1977
Toyota Pickup Base 1978
Toyota Pickup Base 1979
Toyota Pickup Base 1980
Toyota Pickup Base 1981
Toyota Pickup Base 1982
Toyota Pickup Base 1983
Toyota Pickup DLX 1979
Toyota Pickup DLX 1980
Toyota Pickup DLX 1981
Toyota Pickup DLX 1982
Toyota Pickup DLX 1983
Toyota Pickup SR5 1977
Toyota Pickup SR5 1978
Toyota Pickup SR5 1979
Toyota Pickup SR5 1980
Toyota Pickup SR5 1981
Toyota Pickup SR5 1982
Toyota Pickup SR5 1983
Toyota Starlet Base 1983
Toyota Starlet Base 1984