MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear
MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear

MagnaFlow Conv Univ 2inch T2 Rear

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MagnaFlow California Grade CARB Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter 334104 helps keep the check engine light off. Get the right fit for a wide array of vehicles thanks to the adaptable Universal design (cutting and welding is required). With highly corrosion resistant, stainless steel construction, you can have confidence in the quality of this catalytic converter.

This replacement part is designed to meet or exceed California Air Resource Board requirements, and has undergone additional testing to comply with CARB guidelines to allow for legal use in California and CARB restricted states, for the listed vehicles.
Universal California Catalytic Converter; 2 in. Tubing; 2 in. Inlet/Outlet; L-9 in.; W-6 in.; L-13 in. Overall; Oval; Center/Center; Not Air Tube Kit Adaptable;
MagnaFlow specializes in superior catalytic converter and exhaust technology and each converter is designed to the exact original equipment specifications while keeping the Check Engine Light off.

Dodge Power Ram 50 Custom 1986
Dodge Power Ram 50 Sport 1986
Dodge Ram 50 Custom 1986
Dodge Ram 50 Sport 1986
Ford Aerostar Base 1986
Ford Aerostar Base 1987
Ford Aerostar Base 1988
Ford Aerostar Base 1989
Ford Aerostar Base 1990
Ford Aerostar Base 1991
Ford Aerostar Base 1992
Ford Aerostar Base 1993
Ford Aerostar Base 1994
Ford Aerostar Base 1995
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1988
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1989
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1990
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1991
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1992
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1993
Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer 1994
Ford Aerostar XL 1986
Ford Aerostar XL 1987
Ford Aerostar XL 1988
Ford Aerostar XL 1989
Ford Aerostar XL 1990
Ford Aerostar XL 1991
Ford Aerostar XL 1992
Ford Aerostar XL 1993
Ford Aerostar XL 1994
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1989
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1990
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1991
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1992
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1993
Ford Aerostar XL Plus 1994
Ford Aerostar XL Sport 1991
Ford Aerostar XL Sport 1992
Ford Aerostar XL Sport 1993
Ford Aerostar XL Sport 1994
Ford Aerostar XLT 1986
Ford Aerostar XLT 1987
Ford Aerostar XLT 1988
Ford Aerostar XLT 1989
Ford Aerostar XLT 1990
Ford Aerostar XLT 1991
Ford Aerostar XLT 1992
Ford Aerostar XLT 1993
Ford Aerostar XLT 1994
Ford Aerostar XLT 1995
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1989
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1990
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1991
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1992
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1993
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1994
Ford Aerostar XLT Plus 1995
Ford Aerostar XLT Sport 1991
Ford Aerostar XLT Sport 1992
Ford Aerostar XLT Sport 1993
Ford Aerostar XLT Sport 1994
Ford Aerostar XLT Sport 1995
Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 1990
Ford Bronco II XL 1990
Ford Bronco II XL Sport 1990
Ford Bronco II XLT 1990
Ford Bronco II XLT Plus 1990
Ford F-100 Base 1983
Ford F-100 Custom 1980
Ford F-100 Custom 1981
Ford F-100 Custom 1982
Ford F-100 Ranger 1980
Ford F-100 Ranger 1981
Ford F-100 Ranger Lariat 1980
Ford F-100 Ranger Lariat 1981
Ford F-100 Ranger XLT 1980
Ford F-100 Ranger XLT 1981
Ford F-100 XL 1982
Ford F-100 XL 1983
Ford F-100 XLS 1982
Ford F-100 XLS 1983
Ford F-100 XLT Lariat 1982
Ford F-100 XLT Lariat 1983
Ford F-250 Base 1983
Ford F-250 Custom 1981
Ford F-250 Custom 1982
Ford F-250 Ranger 1981
Ford F-250 Ranger Lariat 1981
Ford F-250 Ranger XLT 1981
Ford F-250 XL 1982
Ford F-250 XL 1983
Ford F-250 XLS 1982
Ford F-250 XLS 1983
Ford F-250 XLT 1983
Ford F-250 XLT Lariat 1982
Ford F-350 Base 1983
Ford F-350 Custom 1981
Ford F-350 Custom 1982
Ford F-350 Ranger 1981
Ford F-350 Ranger Lariat 1981
Ford F-350 Ranger XLT 1981
Ford F-350 XL 1982
Ford F-350 XL 1983
Ford F-350 XLS 1982
Ford F-350 XLS 1983
Ford F-350 XLT 1983
Ford F-350 XLT Lariat 1982
Honda Passport DX 1994
Honda Passport DX 1995
Mazda B2000 Base 1986
Mazda B2000 Base 1987
Mazda B2000 LX 1986
Mazda B2000 LX 1987
Mazda B2000 SE-5 1986
Mazda B2000 SE-5 1987
Mazda B2200 Base 1987
Mazda B2200 Base 1988
Mazda B2200 Base 1989
Mazda B2200 Base 1990
Mazda B2200 Base 1991
Mazda B2200 Base 1992
Mazda B2200 Base 1993
Mazda B2200 LE-5 1990
Mazda B2200 LE-5 1991
Mazda B2200 LE-5 1992
Mazda B2200 LE-5 1993
Mazda B2200 LX 1987
Mazda B2200 LX 1988
Mazda B2200 LX 1989
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1987
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1988
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1989
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1990
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1991
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1992
Mazda B2200 SE-5 1993
Mazda B2600 Base 1987
Mazda B2600 Base 1988
Mazda B2600 LX 1987
Mazda B2600 LX 1988
Mazda B2600 SE-5 1987
Mazda B2600 SE-5 1988
Mazda B3000 Base 1994
Mazda B3000 SE 1994
Mazda B4000 LE 1994
Mazda B4000 SE 1994
Mazda MPV L 1995
Mazda MPV LX 1995
Mazda MPV LXE 1995
Mazda MPV Passenger 1994
Mercury Villager GS 1994
Mercury Villager GS 1995
Mercury Villager LS 1994
Mercury Villager LS 1995
Mercury Villager Nautica 1994
Mercury Villager Nautica 1995
Mitsubishi Mighty Max Base 1985
Mitsubishi Mighty Max Base 1986
Mitsubishi Mighty Max SP 1985
Mitsubishi Mighty Max Sport 1986
Mitsubishi Mighty Max SPX 1985
Mitsubishi Mighty Max SPX 1986
Mitsubishi Montero LS 1995
Nissan Quest GXE 1994
Nissan Quest GXE 1995
Nissan Quest XE 1994
Nissan Quest XE 1995
Toyota Previa DX 1994
Toyota Previa DX 1995
Toyota Previa LE 1994
Toyota Previa LE 1995