H&R 01-12 Ford Escape (2WD/4WD) 4 Cyl/V6 Sport Spring
H&R 01-12 Ford Escape (2WD/4WD) 4 Cyl/V6 Sport Spring

H&R 01-12 Ford Escape (2WD/4WD) 4 Cyl/V6 Sport Spring

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Sport Spring kits are H&R's number one selling product. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R'sport Springs lower the vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. The progressive spring rate design provides superb ride quality and comfort. A lower wind resistance signature will make the vehicle more streamlined and improve gas mileage. If you are only looking to improve one part of your vehicle's suspension, you cannot go wrong with installing Sport Springs. Fun to drive, H&R'sport Springs are the number one upgrade for your vehicle.
H&R Springs Sport Spring Kit

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