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What Is Garage Built Racing


What is Garage Built Racing? It all started in 2003 or so when a group of friends started a shop called Garaged Inc. since we were always building/working on cars in our garage. After some time, we all went our separate ways and the name kind of stuck with me. I’m just an average Joe that works on my vehicle when I have time and money because I can’t afford to pay a shop to do the work. Do I know what I’m doing all the time? No way! I’m not afraid to go out in the garage and try. That’s how you learn. If I fail, I just start over and try again. I have been intimidated by so many projects, only to get out in the garage and learn it wasn’t as bad as I thought. When you finally finish your build and it runs a good time or is a blast to drive, there is no other feeling in the world. There Is something about accomplishing something that you worked so hard to do. I understand a lot of people can’t afford to pay someone to do the work for them, I know I can’t! I have been blessed along the way, to get help from certain companies that gave me price discounts, tech help, inspiration and motivate me to keep going. My goal for Garage Built Racing is to start not just a group of people but to form a family of car enthusiast that regardless of make, model, swap or type of racing, can come together because we share a common interest of wrenching on and racing cars/bikes/trucks etc. No matter what it is we all share the same struggle, have the same dedication and want the same feeling of accomplishment. I want to help fellow Garage Built Racers save money because people have helped me along the way. I want to offer tech help, encouragement; inspiration because I got it along the way and it really helped me. Let’s face it, there is usually times where you want to sell your project, set it on fire, put it up for a while and not think about it. Sometimes you need a little push. A little encouragement. A little help. That’s where your Garage Built Family comes into play. The Facebook Group has done really well and there is no other place anywhere that you can go look at anything from rock crawlers, street bikes, domestic cars, imports or exotic cars all in one place. Thank you for Joining the Garage Built Racing family! I look forward to watching your projects come together, helping if I can along the way and save you money so you can finish quicker! Thank you for your support!
-Matt Allred